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My BERNINA Workbooks   

Please print and bring appropriate workbook with you to your My BERNINA Classes. You may also save the file to a USB stick and take to a local copy/print center.  There is no instruction fee if you purchased your machine at BERNINA Sewing Etc. However, pre-registration is required.  Please consult our class calendar or call the store (601-991-2120) for upcoming My BERNINA Classes.

BERNINA Sewing Machines  (updated 6/2/2020)
For BERNINA 880 Plus, 790 Plus, 770 QE, 740, 590, 570 QE, 535, 480, 475 QE, and 435
My BERNINA Sewing Workbook.  Download and print. 
BERNINA Embroidery Machines (updated 6/2/2020)
For BERNINA 880 Plus, 790 Plus, 770 QEE, 700, 590, 570 QEE, 535, and 500

My BERNINA Embroidery Machine Workbook.  Download and Print
Embroidery Designs for class.  Please download to a USB stick and bring with you to class.

BERNINA Presser Feet Accessories Workbook  (added 6/2/2020)
This guide will walk you through various types of seams, closures, hem finishes, quilting techniques, surface design, and more, all with the aid of specialized BERNINA Accessories. The workbook includes videos illustrating the activities.
Presser Feet and Accessories Workbook - Download and Print. 

BERNINA 350 BERNINA 3 Series and 215 Workbooks

Sewing Machine Workbook 1 - Basic Operations
Sewing Machine Workbook 1 - Charts

Sewing Machine Workbook 2 - Stitch Fun
Sewing Machine Workbook 2 - Charts

L 460
BERNINA Sergers-Overlockers
(updated 6/2/2020)
for models L460 and L450  
Basic Overlocker Use Workbook
Overlocker Accessories Workbook
BERNINA Manual L450 - page 5 correction

BERNINA V8.1 Software
BERNINA Embroidery Software V8.2
(updated 6/2/2020)

     Workbook 1 - Basic Features
     Workbook 2 - Automatic Digitizing
     Workbook 3 - Advanced Features
     Workbook 4 - Applications

ArtLink 8BERNINA ArtLink V8
- free embroidery sizing software
     Download ArtLink V8
     ArtLink V8 Workbook